The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning (VII): Navigating Life’s Journey

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Steering the reins of destiny, The Chariot Tarot Card (VII) stands as a symbol of triumphant victory, willpower, and determination.

But what forces propel this chariot forward, and what challenges lie in its path?

As you delve into the depths of this powerful card, you'll uncover not just a tale of a determined charioteer, but a mirror reflecting your own journey such as the challenges you face, the resolve you muster, and the victories awaiting you.

Whether you're battling external conflicts or navigating the intricate labyrinth of your inner world, The Chariot's message offers guidance, inspiration, and a beacon of hope.

Harness its energy, grasp its reins, and embark on a transformative exploration of mastery and momentum...

Key takeaway:

  • Major Arcana Significance: As a card from the Major Arcana, The Chariot holds profound insights into one's life journey and major life events.
  • The Chariot Tarot Card represents control and willpower, symbolized by the chariot and the horses.
  • It signifies determination, ambition, triumph, success, movement, and progress.
  • When reversed, the Chariot Tarot Card suggests a lack of control and obstacles.
  • In different contexts, it can indicate love and relationships, career and finance, and personal growth and spirituality.

Key Symbolism and Imagery of the Chariot Tarot Card

This is a powerful tarot card symbolizing control, determination, triumph, and movement.


Unlocking the rich symbolism and captivating imagery within the Chariot tarot card, we delve into its key components:

  • the Chariot itself,
  • Powerful Horses,
  • the majestic Pillars, and
  • A formidable Armor.

Here are the 4 key aspects in more detail:

  • The central image of this card is a charioteer riding in a chariot. This represents the individual's drive and ability to steer their life in the desired direction (see below).
  • The Horses: The charioteer is often depicted with two horses, one dark and one light. These horses represent opposing forces or aspects within the individual, such as passion and reason or instinct and control (more information below).
  • The Pillars: In some versions of this card, there are two pillars. These pillars represent stability and balance. They remind us to stay grounded and focused while navigating through life's challenges (see below for more information).
  • The Armor: The charioteer is usually adorned in armor, symbolizing protection and strength. It serves as a reminder to cultivate resilience and stand strong in the face of obstacles (see below).

Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration as we unveil the hidden meanings and depths encapsulated in each symbol, revealing the profound insights and wisdom bestowed by this enigmatic card:

The Charioteer in the Chariot

The charioteer stands as a central figure, representing an individual's drive and the ability to steer their life in the desired direction.

The charioteer's control over the chariot signifies the conscious control one has over the course of life's journey, encompassing both personal ambitions and the challenges faced.

With a forward gaze and a determined stance, the charioteer reminds us that with willpower and focus, we can lead our lives toward our goals.

The Horses

The HorsesThe horses in the Chariot tarot card symbolize power, energy, and forward motion.
Black and White HorsesThe presence of black and white horses represents the balance between opposing forces.
Controlled ChaosThe horses depict controlled chaos, illustrating the need to harness and direct one's energy and desires.
UnityThe unity of the horses signifies the need to find harmony between different aspects of one's life.
Physical and Emotional EnergiesThe horses represent the blend of physical and emotional energies required to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

The Pillars

The Pillars of this card represent strength, stability, and balance.

They are an integral part of the symbolic imagery and hold significant meaning in tarot readings:

  • Support: The Pillars in this tarot card symbolize the support system that surrounds us. They represent the pillars of our life, such as family, friends, and community, who provide us with stability and help us navigate through challenges.
  • Balance: The Pillars signify the need for balance and harmony in our actions and decisions. They remind us to find equilibrium between our desires and responsibilities, ensuring that we stay centered and focused.
  • Structure: The Pillars represent the structure and framework of our goals and aspirations. They encourage us to have a solid foundation and a clear plan in order to achieve success and fulfillment.
  • Gateway: The Pillars also act as a gateway between different realms or dimensions. They can represent the bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds, offering insights and guidance into our spiritual journey.

Consider incorporating the concept of the Pillars into your daily life.

Cultivate a sense of balance and stability by nurturing supportive relationships, creating a structured plan for your goals, and exploring your spiritual journey through practices such as meditation or reflection.

The Armor

The armor is an essential symbolism in this tarot card, representing protection, strength, and resilience.

It serves as a shield against external challenges and obstacles, providing a sense of security and stability.

In the table below, you will find the important aspects of the Armor in the Chariot Tarot card:

Symbolism of the Armor
ProtectionThe Armor acts as a barrier, safeguarding the individual from harm and negative influences.
StrengthThe Armor represents inner and outer strength, enabling the individual to overcome difficulties.
ResilienceJust as the Armor is sturdy and enduring, it symbolizes the individual's ability to bounce back from setbacks.

The Armor's presence in the Chariot Tarot card emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong defense and staying grounded while pursuing goals.

It suggests that by actively protecting oneself and remaining resilient, success and triumph can be achieved.

It is crucial to note that the Armor represents not only physical protection but also emotional and mental fortitude.

It encourages the individual to establish healthy boundaries, cultivate self-confidence, and confront challenges head-on.

To conclude: The Armor in this tarot card signifies resilience, strength, and protection.

Its presence reminds individuals to stay grounded, establish boundaries, and face obstacles with determination and fortitude.

Interpretation of the Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Upright Tarot Card Meaning

When it comes to interpreting the Chariot Tarot card, it's all about harnessing control and willpower, embracing determination and ambition, seeking triumph and success, and embracing movement and progress.

When interpreting this wonderful card, consider the following:

  • Control and Willpower: The Chariot indicates that you have the ability to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you desire. Harness your willpower to achieve your goals (See below for more information).
  • Determination and Ambition: The card represents a strong determination and ambition to succeed. Use your drive to overcome difficulties and achieve your desired outcomes (See below for more information).
  • Triumph and Success: The Chariot signifies triumph and success, suggesting that your efforts will be rewarded. Have confidence in your abilities and keep pushing forward.
  • Movement and Progress: The card represents movement and progress. It encourages you to take action and make forward strides towards your goals (See below for more information).

Fasten your seat belts because we're about to embark on an enlightening journey through the multi-faceted aspects of this captivating Tarot card.

Control and Willpower

The Chariot Tarot card represents the power of control and willpower. It symbolizes the ability to take charge of one's life with determination and confidence.

The Chariot is a powerful symbol of strength and leadership, showcasing an individual's capacity to steer their life in the direction they desire.

In the context of this specific tarot card, control refers to the mastery of managing one's actions and emotions effectively.

It signifies having dominion over one's own desires and impulses, enabling the individual to stay focused and disciplined.

Willpower, on the other hand, represents the tremendous strength of mind and character needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

The Chariot card encourages individuals to harness their inner strength and push forward with unwavering determination.

It empowers them to take control of their circumstances and make bold decisions in order to achieve their goals.

The presence of the Chariot card suggests that with strong willpower, one can overcome any challenges or setbacks that come their way.

In readings, the Chariot card emphasizes the importance of self-discipline, confidence, and assertiveness on the path to success.

It urges individuals to believe in their abilities and take decisive actions to fulfill their desires.

With control and willpower as their guiding forces, one can navigate through life and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Determination and Ambition

Determination and ambition are key themes represented by the Chariot tarot card.

This card symbolizes the strong will and resolve needed to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

The Chariot is a depiction of forward movement and progress, driven by the unwavering determination and unwavering ambition of the individual.

The Chariot card signifies the unwavering determination to succeed, no matter the challenges that may arise.

It represents the relentless pursuit of one's goals and the firm belief in one's abilities.

The individual depicted in the card is focused, driven, and willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve their ambitions.

Ambition plays a significant role in the interpretation of the Chariot card. It represents the desire to attain success, recognition, and personal growth.

This card signifies the individual's dedication to their chosen path and their willingness to take risks in order to reach their desired destination.

Determination and ambition go hand in hand when assessing the influence of the Chariot card.

The unwavering determination fuels the individual's ambition, while their strong ambition provides the motivation needed to persevere in the face of challenges and setbacks.

In summary, the Chariot tarot card represents determination and ambition.

It signifies the resolute willpower and strong desire for success that propel individuals forward in their endeavors.

By embodying these qualities, one can tap into their inner strength and drive to achieve their goals.

Triumph and Success

In the interpretation of the Chariot Tarot card, triumph and success emerge as central themes.

The Chariot symbolizes the attainment of victory and the fulfillment of one's objectives. It represents a journey filled with triumph, driven by determination, willpower, and an unwavering focus on achieving success.

This card encapsulates a feeling of empowerment and the ability to overcome obstacles encountered along the path to greatness.

When the Chariot appears in a Tarot reading, it serves as a sign that triumph and success are within close proximity.

It implores you to tap into the depths of your inner strength and confidence in order to surmount any challenges or setbacks that may arise.

The Chariot serves as a reminder that through perseverance and having a clear vision, you have the capability to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Within the context of relationships, the Chariot signifies the presence of a victorious love connection.

It may denote a flourishing partnership or the realization of relationship goals. In terms of career and finance, it embodies the progress of one's professional journey, financial prosperity, and recognition for diligent work and achievements.

In regards to personal growth and spirituality, the Chariot encourages you to take charge of your life, cultivate self-discipline, and pursue your spiritual aspirations with unwavering determination.

It is important to acknowledge that the level of success may differ among individuals.

The Chariot Tarot card suggests that by adopting the correct mindset and taking appropriate actions, you can attain personal triumphs and accomplish your goals.

Stay focused, maintain a positive attitude, and embrace the energy of the Chariot as you navigate your journey towards success.

Movement and Progress

Movement and progress are fundamental themes linked to the Chariot tarot card.

This card represents an active and forward movement towards a specific goal or destination, requiring determination, ambition, and control to achieve progress.

The Chariot card embodies the significance of taking action and making progress towards desired outcomes.

It highlights the necessity for focus and the ability to overcome obstacles along the path to success.

During tarot readings, the Chariot card suggests that movement and progress are about to happen.

It indicates that you possess the necessary drive and willpower to navigate through challenges and emerge victorious. This card encourages you to harness your energy and take decisive action to move forward.

Regarding personal growth and spirituality, the Chariot represents the journey of self-discovery and personal development.

It implies that by actively pursuing your goals and ambitions, you will experience progress on a spiritual level.

To summarize, the Chariot tarot card signifies movement and progress.

It emphasizes the importance of taking control, channeling your willpower, and remaining determined in your pursuit of success.

By embracing these qualities, you will make significant strides towards achieving your goals.

Reversed Meaning of the Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When this tarot card appears in a reversed position, it carries a different meaning and symbolism.

Here is the reversed meaning of the Chariot Tarot Card:

  1. Lack of Control: The reversed Chariot card suggests a lack of control or direction in your life. You may be feeling overwhelmed or struggling to maintain balance and stability.
  2. Inner Conflict: This card may indicate inner conflicts or a lack of harmony within yourself. You may be battling with conflicting desires or values, making it difficult to move forward.
  3. External Obstacles: The reversed Chariot can signify external obstacles or challenges that are blocking your progress. These obstacles may be beyond your control and require you to find alternative approaches.
  4. Impulsiveness: Be cautious of impulsive actions or decisions when the Chariot appears in reverse. It suggests a need for patience and careful planning rather than rushing into things.
  5. Lack of Focus: The reversed Chariot card indicates a lack of focus or clarity in your goals and ambitions. You may be easily distracted or unsure of which direction to take.
  6. Struggles with Willpower: This card suggests a struggle with willpower and self-discipline. You may find it challenging to stay motivated or maintain the determination needed to achieve your goals.
  7. Lack of Progress: In the reversed position, the Chariot can signify a lack of progress or stagnation. It may indicate that you are not moving forward as quickly as you would like or encountering obstacles that hinder your advancement.
  8. Need for Self-Reflection: The reversed Chariot prompts you to engage in self-reflection and introspection. Take the time to understand your motivations, fears, and desires before proceeding.
  9. Imbalance: This card suggests an imbalance in your life, whether it be in relationships, work-life balance, or personal well-being. It is essential to address these imbalances to regain stability.
  10. Lack of Confidence: The reversed Chariot card may indicate a lack of confidence or self-belief. You may doubt your abilities or feel uncertain about taking the necessary risks to move forward.

When interpreting the reversed Chariot Tarot Card, consider the surrounding cards and the specific circumstances of the reading to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning in your situation.

The Chariot Tarot Card in Different Contexts

This tarot card holds fascinating meanings that vary across different contexts.

Let's embark on a journey to explore its significance when it comes to love and relationships.

We'll also delve into its impact on career and finance, and uncover its profound role in personal growth and spirituality.

Discover the hidden depths of The Chariot as it navigates us through these diverse aspects of life. Get ready to unravel the mysteries that lie within!

Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, the Chariot tarot card represents control, determination, and movement.

It signifies a sense of being in charge of one's love life and having the willpower to steer it in the desired direction.

The Chariot empowers individuals to take action and make decisions that lead to progress and success in their relationships.

With the Chariot card present, individuals can expect triumph and growth in their romantic endeavors. It symbolizes a drive to overcome obstacles and achieve harmony and balance in relationships.

In terms of quantity, the Chariot card suggests an active and dynamic approach towards love and relationships.

It encourages individuals to cultivate healthy and fulfilling connections, taking charge of their own happiness.

This tarot card signifies the importance of ambition and determination in matters of the heart.

It inspires individuals to set goals for their relationships and work towards them with steadfastness and dedication.

The Chariot card indicates movement in relationships, whether a physical relocation together or the progression of the relationship to a new level.

It signifies progress and forward momentum, urging individuals to embrace change and seize new opportunities for love.

In summary, when the Chariot card appears in a love and relationship context, it suggests taking control, being determined, and embracing growth and progress for a successful and fulfilling romantic journey.

Career and Finance

In the realm of career and finance, the Chariot tarot card embodies the aspects of determination, ambition, and success.

It symbolizes the necessity for control and willpower to conquer challenges and achieve your goals.

The Chariot directs you to take control of your career and steer it in the direction you desire.

With the influence of the Chariot, your career can experience substantial movement and progress. It encourages you to nurture your skills and utilize them to enhance your professional expertise.

This card empowers you to pursue leadership positions and take calculated risks that can lead to career advancement.

Regarding finance, the Chariot represents triumph and success. It indicates that your financial endeavors have the potential to yield positive outcomes.

By harnessing your determination and ambition, you can enhance your financial well-being and achieve your desired level of prosperity.

It is important to note that the influence of the Chariot is not guaranteed. Success in career and finance requires effort and perseverance.

It is crucial to maintain focus, remain disciplined, and adapt to changing circumstances in order to maximize the potential of this influential tarot card.

Personal Growth and Spirituality

Personal growth and spirituality are central themes when interpreting the Chariot Tarot card.

This card represents an individual's inner strength, determination, and growth on their spiritual journey. It signifies the ability to harness inner power and overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal transformation.

This tarot card encourages individuals to take control of their lives and cultivate a strong sense of self.

It symbolizes a time of self-discovery, where one's beliefs and values are reinforced, leading to personal growth and a deeper connection with their spirituality.

This card also highlights the importance of balance and harmony in one's spiritual journey.

It reminds individuals to align their actions with their higher purpose and values, allowing for spiritual progress and fulfillment.

In the context of personal growth and spirituality, this card encourages individuals to embrace their inner strength, follow their intuition, and stay focused on their spiritual goals.

It reminds them that through determination and self-belief, they can achieve spiritual enlightenment and personal development.

Interesting fact: This tarot card is associated with the astrological sign Cancer, which represents emotional strength, intuition, and a deep connection to one's inner self.

Some Facts About The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning:

  • ✅ The Chariot symbolizes direction, control, and determination.
  • ✅ It represents perseverance, success, and ambition.
  • ✅ The Chariot is associated with the Cancer zodiac sign.
  • ✅ It encourages taking control of one's life and love life.
  • ✅ The Chariot signifies willpower, victory, and an optimistic trajectory.

Understanding The Chariot in Relation to Surrounding Cards

The Chariot on Top of Other Tarot Cards

Let's delve into the intricate web of meanings when The Chariot (VII) interacts with key tarot cards in a reading:

The Chariot and The Lovers (VI): The Journey of Choice and Commitment

  • Duality in Decision: Both The Lovers and The Chariot emphasize the theme of duality. While The Lovers focuses on choices in love and relationships, The Chariot is about the drive to move forward after making that choice.
  • Guidance in Partnership: When these cards appear together, they suggest that one's romantic or personal choices will significantly influence their journey ahead.
  • Commitment to the Path: The Lovers highlights commitment, whereas The Chariot emphasizes the determination to stay on that chosen path despite challenges.

The Chariot and Strength (VIII): Harnessing Inner Power for the Journey

  • Taming Inner Beasts: Both cards focus on control, but while The Chariot is about directing external energies forward, the Strength card is about controlling and taming one's internal passions and impulses.
  • Endurance and Perseverance: These cards together suggest a journey that requires not only external drive but also the inner strength to persevere.
  • Empowerment in Challenges: Their combined presence indicates that, armed with both internal strength and external determination, one is well-equipped to overcome any obstacle.

The Chariot and The Star (XVII): Guided by Hope and Purpose

  • Guidance from Above: The Star represents hope, inspiration, and spiritual guidance. When paired with The Chariot, it suggests a journey or goal inspired by higher ideals or spiritual insights.
  • Clarity in Direction: The illuminating presence of The Star provides clarity and purpose to The Chariot's determined drive.
  • Destiny's Drive: Their combined energy signifies that one's journey, guided by hope and a clear sense of direction, is aligned with their destiny or higher purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Chariot Card

What does The Chariot Tarot card represent?

This tarot card represents direction, control, tenacity, perseverance, success, determination, ambition, strength, and action.

How does The Chariot Tarot card advise overcoming obstacles?

This card advises overcoming obstacles and maintaining control of one's surroundings.

It encourages focus, confidence, and determination in achieving goals.

What does The Chariot Tarot card symbolize in terms of finances?

This card suggests addressing any financial issues and making wise investments to achieve financial goals.

What does The Chariot Tarot card signify in a work context?

The card signifies ambition, motivation, and success in a work context.

In health matters, what does The Chariot Tarot card represent?

This tarot card represents renewed drive and energy in health matters.

What does The Chariot Tarot card indicate when reversed?

When reversed, The Chariot Tarot card indicates a lack of direction, self-control, and being obstructed by barriers.

It warns against hesitating to take responsibility for one's life and raises questions about one's approach to achieving goals.